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Our Mission

Many DJ companies overcharge their services because they can get away with it. On the other hand, High Velocity is committed to giving our clients professional service at an affordable price. When a client presents a quote from our competitors, we will beat that price without sacrificing any quality.

Because many of our members have close ties to the University Notre Dame, we especially cater to the Notre Dame community offering special rates and price incentives to on-campus events. High Velocity is an approved disc jockey vendor though the Student Activities Office of Notre Dame.*

*High Velocity is not officially affiliated with the University of Notre Dame.

Doing Business with Us

High Velocity offers the greater South Bend-Mishawaka community an affordable mobile disc jockey solution for a variety of events. Our experiences include weddings, dances, proms, charity events, and many more. We also cater to a variety of event sizes. From 12 to 12,000 people, we have seen it all.

Not only has High Velocity had experience in all types of events, but we have also catered to a variety of musical tastes. From classic rock to hip-hop, we have it all. All of our songs are in high quality mp3 or mp4 formats.

Once High Velocity and the client agree on a quoted price, clients can then book their event and will be charged a $100 non-refundable deposit. The High Velocity Service Contract will be either mailed of sent electronically to the client outlining the agreed price and terms of service.

Download High Velocity Service Contract (Reference Only) *

* The above contract is for reference only. High Velocity reserves the right to change the above contract.

The Company

High Velocity Professional DJ Service, LLC, is a privately-owned Indiana Limited Liability Company. We are fully insured by RV Nuccio and Associates, Inc.

High Velocity was founded in 2006 by Walker Anderson and Matt Bauer. The company was originally founded in Jackson, Mississippi, under the name High Velocity DJ Service. We have recently made a new home in the South Bend community, and are committed to offering the same affordable, yet quality service. The professional spirit of our work caused the company to expand its name to High Velocity Professional DJ Service.

If you want to know more visit our frequently-asked-questions page, email us at, or call us at 601.842.9505.

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